In time I hope this site will give a comprehensive narrative of the history of paper currency in Mexico. At present, however, the site is very much a “work in progress”, and I have begun with some low-hanging fruit, cannibalising articles from the journals of the US Mexican Numismatic Association, adding the results of Dick Long’s extensive work on the banks of issue (bancos), cross-referenced with the American Bank Note Company’s order book (which Dick did not have), and concentrating on the major findings of my own research. As a consequence, it is currently still piecemeal.

I want sources to be, wherever possible, original documentation and so have included texts of the relevant decrees, circulars and other correspondence. I have also included images of many of the notes, particularly the backs, which are neglected in most catalogues but are not only often pleasing to the eye but also a deep source of information about origins, issuers and dates of use and redemption.  For this I am grateful to have the use of images from Elmer Powell’s extensive collection of revolutionary notes, and permission to use the images from Mexican Paper Money. I have occasionally lifted images from the internet. Generally I have not bothered to detail their provenance but in the case of Heritage Auctions I have used enough, particularly of high-quality high-denomination bancos, for them to warrant a particular mention.

I hope others will help me in building this website and have outlined how they can in How you can help. I particularly hope that other collectors will provide me with extra details about personnel (particularly signatories), issues, date and signature combinations, number ranges, security marks, branch overprints etc. to fill out the tables for the various banks. All contributors will be acknowledged and, where sizeable, given their own byline.

I have completely ignored the Banco de México.

Simon Prendergast